Understanding Windows And Linux – Advantages And Drawbacks Revealed

Computer users all have their opinions when it comes to operating systems such as Windows and Linux. Sure the typical PC user only understands Windows but the users who are more technically inclined will at least have some familiarity of Linux. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about both of these operating systems.

The most obvious advantage that Windows has over Linux is ease of use. This is because Microsoft has easily earned Chrome Hearts iPhone Accessories it’s name as the best and the most popular operating system in the whole world. This means that most of the applications and programs that currently exist were designed to work on a Windows based operating system. If you are a fan of some specific games, for example, it’s very likely that a Windows based computer will be required to play them correctly. There are a few ways that you can get a Windows based application to run on a Linux system but this requires more technological know how and decidedly more effort than it would take to simply use a PC on which Windows has been installed. This makes Windows a better choice for a casual computer user who only wants to run the programs that are the most popular.

If you look into what Linux has to offer, you’ll soon start hearing about Ubuntu, one of the most popular operating systems that uses Linux. You don’t even have to install the software! You can use it from a CD that you put in your computer. Without installing it, you can test it out and see if this OS is what you are looking for. Ubuntu is actually very easy to load and simple to use. Commercial operating systems like Windows can be very demanding on your PC which makes this OS very intriguing. It is actually very simple to install the latest update which comes out quite frequently. Ubuntu is helping regular people like you and I understand the Linux operating system.

If you have any need to do networking, it’s often a lot easier to set up using Linux than Windows. This is not to say that Windows does not offer networking capabilities. They are simply very difficult to operate for the average user.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line network software, Linux definitely has a user-friendly interface for this purpose. This is something you can benefit from even if you don’t have a business. Anyone with more than one computer may be able to gain advantages by connecting them, along with various devices such as printers, modems and sound cards. Anyone interested in networking multiple devices will absolutely love Linux and its ability to do this effortlessly.

If you are having trouble deciding whether to get Linux or Windows, you need to ask yourself “What do I normally do on the computer?” – this will answer your question. Windows based computers are great for playing games. If you have multiple devices that you need to interconnect, Linux is the one you want. The operating system that you ultimately choose should be one that helps you operate better during the day. Assess why you need it and choose one OS over the other. It’s that simple.


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