How You Can Begin Selling Ads On Your Blog

After you’ve gotten your blog to a good place (in terms of traffic and repeated visitors) you should start thinking about monetizing and selling ads. Your foundation has been laid already, which means that the only thing you have to do is research your market. Before you start to market your blog for advertising you need to understand which offers are going to work the best. The only ads you should run are ads that are relevant, this much should be obvious to you. Avoid accepting non-relevant advertisers because their conversions will be low. If this happens, even if you’ve made some money, you’re going to be in a no-win situation. Related markets will yield pretty good results but you still need to go over everything with potential advertisers.

If you visit enough sites you’ll see many different combinations of ad space format. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to run tests on the different locations available for your creatives. One of the most popular places to put your ads is within your content and your articles. It would be bad if the ads annoyed your readers, or if your readers found them distracting or if they caused your readers to click away. It is vital that you think about whether or not an ad will be relevant to your content. Try to imagine what your readers will be thinking and contrast that with the product or service the ad is promoting. How many ads you can get away with will depend on the length of the content. This is another great reason to have lengthy content.

All businesses (especially Internet Marketers) give out bonuses. You should also hopefully understand that your offer is what matters more than anything else. Your ad space offers deserve to have the same idea applied to them. Try to remember that if you aren’t well known, you are going to need to market your ad space. You can sweeten the deal by offering new advertisers coupons or discounts. You can offer discounts to the more expensive ad buyers or you can find some creative method of rewarding repeat business. Every individual enjoys Chrome Hearts Shoes the feeling of being appreciated or thought of as special. Aim your offers at these feelings, get creative and test everything.

If you are enjoying a prominent position within your niche, you should take a more hands off position with your ad space. This is the option that requires you to approach your ad space with a “you can buy or not, I don’t care” attitude and that isn’t something everyone is capable of. This will offer clear signals to businesses who will, in turn, believe that you’re doing okay. If faking it is the approach you want to take, put banners of your own in any unsold ad space. Find affiliate programs and join them. Take care to keep your tracks covered here because there are some ad buyers who are going to figure out what you’re attempting to do. Creating banners for other businesses can also help you better play this role.

After you’ve filled a few of your ad spaces you’ll have more confidence in what you can accomplish. Beyond this, try to keep your client relationships positive. If they do reasonably well, they can become lifelong business partners.


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