How to Help Windows 7 Run Much Faster

Do you have Windows 7? If so, you may want to speed this software up. Computers today are not configured to run as fast as they can. Oftentimes, extra features make the software program run slower than it should. Software that you have downloaded, as well as other files and programs may be slowing down your computer more than you can imagine. The speed and performance of Windows 7 can be improved by doing the following.

Setting your computer to its High Performance setting is a really great way to make sure that Windows 7 operates at its maximum efficiency. Windows 7 doesn’t come “out of the box” at this setting so you’ll have to make the change manually if you want its performance to get better. To accomplish this, you’ll want to go to the control panel and click the “power options” choice and then tell it to “show additional plans.” That’s where you will find the option to activate the high performance mode. Besides this, you should run your performance troubleshooter–a program that will automatically search out the problem areas on your computer and fix them for you. It’s easy to find this by typing “troubleshooting” into the search box of your control panel. You’ll see a listing for “system and security,” where you have the option of checking for performance issues.

Another common complaint that many people have in regard to their computers is how long it takes to surf on the Internet. Internet browsers have something called a “cache” which is used by the browsers when surfing the web – if this is full, things will go very slowly. If you do not clean this particular part of your computer on a regular basis, all of the cookies and Internet files will slow you down. Once this is done, however, the drawback is that you may have to reenter password related information. The browsers will now run faster, especially if you have Windows 7 as your OS.

Windows 7 adds updates on a regular basis, and will let you know about every single one. These automatic updates are commonplace, and they can slow down your system and can make internet browsing slower as well. If you want, you can go to your control panel and stop receiving these updates. On the other hand, users who aren’t tech savvy may not want to do this, as you might miss an update that’s important. If you decide to disable this feature, it’s up to you to keep your computer up to date on any important matters, such as those related to security. Yet, a large number of updates are ones you probably don’t care about, and these can make your computer run slower.

If you’d like Windows 7 to run as quickly as possible you will need to look at a bunch of different features and settings that are on your computer. Most people using Windows 7 are wasting space and memory with things they do not actually need. Sometimes your computer will be slowed down by issues that are more serious and those are the times when Cheap Chrome Hearts you might benefit from using a registry cleaner. The above suggestions for speeding up Windows 7 should get you off to a good start as you search for ways to improve the performance of your PC.


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