Hemp Friendship Bracelets – The Timeless Symbol Of Friendship

The question is why are Hemp Friendship Bracelets so important?

The hemp friendship bracelet is a piece of jewelry I’ve been meaning to reason this for quite awhile. Hemp jewellery is an environmentally welcoming good, and since Chrome Hearts Key Ring it’s hemp they wear-in very well and survive ages. However, aside from its durability, hemp is a very renewable resource, with short cultivation periods of up to 3 months as opposed to some tree-based forests which can take up to 50 years.

Now, we let’s take a peek at a few considerations about how this picture fuses with the concept of a friendship bracelet. The majority of people would be aware of what friendship bracelets are; those hand-embroidered souvenirs that your friends, peers, colleagues and hippie hemp jewelry enthusiasts exchange with one another. Hemp friendship bracelets may symbolise a number of the following:

1. The knots within a hemp bracelet are said to be the sign of a friendship that cannot be easily upset due to its unceasing cycle of a circle. This is further exemplified by the sustainable cycle that hemp crops exhibit.

2. The mix of a person’s favourite colors that are embroidered into the hemp jewellery item also symbolizes the worldliness and honor that is synergistically exchanged between friends.

3. Since the friendship bracelet is typically handmade, it adds the element of a thoughtful personal touch to your mate.

Additionally, the art of knot-craft and hand weaving jewellery used to create traditional patterns stems from the Native Americans. According the indigenous Americans, the receiver of a friendship bracelet must wear the woven-chain till it falls off naturally non-deliberately.

The fundamental idea is to honor the art-work in reciprocated to the hard work and love that was put into making it (similar to planting the hemp seed, ebay nourishing it and letting the species grow). Therefore by removing the bracelet before it naturally falls off would symbolise that the friendship has gone rancid.

In today’s society, people are never limited to just a few quality friends given the amount of communications technology we have today. You’ll find that there is an abundance of this type of sharing going on. Hemp jewellery offers a renewable alternative to producing large amounts of it in a marketplace (jewellery industry) that is historically well known for its resilience.


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