Handmade Semi-precious Jewellery With Stones From Sri Lanka

Stunning pieces of unique handmade jewellery is crated all around the world and they come in collections of bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, jewellery sets and earrings. Semi-precious stones have been used for centuries to create these beautiful designs.

These pieces of semi-precious jewellery are manufactured in many countries throughout the world but the gemstones that are used in these handmade jewellery designs are not available in Chrome Hearts Belt all these countries so they have to be imported from other countries and Sri Lanka which produces some stunning stones and the very talented craftsmen produce some lovely cuts with the natural stones found in their country.

Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon is renowned the world over for its stunning gemstones and they have been producing unique and original pieces of semi-precious jewellery for centuries and also exporting there gemstones and Royalty all around the world have been placed in the Crown Jewells of many nations.

When Prince Charles of the UK proposed to Princess Diane a large blue star sapphire from Sri Lanka was a focal point for the engagement ring design and this ring was placed on the finger of Kate Middleton when she became engaged to Prince William following a long tradition of having stones from Sri Lanka set into pieces of handmade jewellery worn by royalty.

In 1900 a very reputable London jeweller purchased a Chrysoberyl Cat Eye that originated in Sri Lanka which had the weight of 105 carats. This was purchased on behave of the British Royal family and this beautiful gemstone has been a cherished possession of four British Monarchs which are Edward VI, George V, Edward II and the present queen which is Elizabeth II.

The stunning stones that this country produces can be seen in many fine handmade jewellery collections and you will see them set in beautiful necklace designs, earrings, bracelets, pendants and lovely rings.

One of the most famous of Sri Lanka natural stones is the Great Aqua and the weight of this stunning stone is said to msn be 1,890 carats and when cut it produced a sparkling blue stone of 946 carats and this is currently owned by the Saudi Royal family.

There are many of Sri Lanka treasured all over the world some set in beautiful pieces of handmade semi-precious jewellery and others just collected for the beauty of the stone. One of these stones is the Logan Blue Sapphire and this is the second largest sapphire in the world. It is a flawless stone and is the richest of blue colours and it can be now seen in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington since it was gifted to them by Mrs John Logan from which it gained its name.

The largest chrysoberyl in the world has a weight of over 500 carats and is known as the Hopes Cats Eye and was owned by Thomas Hope a very wealth British banker and investor of gemstones. This huge cats eye has been carved to represent and alter surmounted with a torch. It is around 1 ?inches in diameter and have a beautiful hemispherical shape.

These are just a few example of the large and famous stones that have been found in Sri Lanka but you do not have purchase these huge stones to own a pieces of unique handmade jewellery designs that have been set with the lovely gemstones from this country. There are many pieces of semi-precious jewellery that have stones from Sri Lanka that have these lovely stones in their designs and earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings can all be found in the UK at very affordable prices.


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