History Of Bracelets

An ornament band worn on the the wrist or arm draws its popularity from the Roman wiki time. The Roman bracelets were mostly of stone and glass but the rich women were seen wearing bracelets layered in bezel set emeralds. The other objects used for bracelets were also wood, stone, bones and plant materials.

In the Roman period snake bracelets were very popular especially the bracelets made of twisted coil with lion head ends. The most recognized piece in the Roman age was the Heracles knot. In the Georgian era, bracelet were still adorned and Gold were highly used in that period but at the Victorian period were no objection.

In ancient China, the bracelet designs included dragons, jade in gold other adding some precious gemstones. The Greek lifestyle, the bracelets were worn by both the men and women. The women wore bracelets for fashion while the men wore the bracelets for the protection against blows during battles either in leather or metal.

All sorts of ornaments have existed long ago, the reason of the people wearing bracelets and seeing the women of today wearing bracelets is vice versa. In Egypt, approximately in the Chrome Hearts Bracelets 2000 BC bracelets were considered to be important piece of jewelry. In 79 AD , bracelets were found in the ruins in Pompeii at the Vesuvius. At the history period of 2500 BC. the Sumerians in Southern Mesopotamia wore anklets, bracelets, earrings , necklaces and finger rings. During the Pharaoh period they were charm bracelet. During the Pharaoh’s dynasty, although charm bracelets were considered to be outdated, those jewelry items scribbled to be neck bracelets and wrist bracelets known to be the protector. The symbol of “how prosperous the person had been in life and after death would be an indicator to the Gods of this persons proper status in the after life.” At the Neolithic period or in other terms known as New Stone Age, the men used to gather a odd pieces of stone or wood which were to be carried by their person in order to ward off their enemies. These charms are known as ” lucky charms” and also called ” evil protectors.”In the Greek history, bracelets were common in men. Although the soldiers wore it as a defensive bands of leather, often decorated with gold, silver and or gemstones, on their forearms. The term ” brachile” was derived from Latin which means, ” of the arm.”

Today, bracelets worn both by men and women. Throughout the years till the present, bracelets still stand popular and their designs and style of collections also goes according to the wardrobes. Whereas, in Greeks and the Romans , wore both of the bracelets on the upper and the lower arm which became very common among the men and the women. The wearing of upper arm bracelets is still popular today.


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