Chrome Hearts Shop Therapy Should You Give Magnetic Therapy A Chance If You Have Arthritis

Chrome Hearts Shop therapy may or may not Chrome Hearts Shop be able to heal arthritis pain and other types of chronic pain associated with the joints, but try telling that yandex to some of the alternative practitioners who think magnets are the cure for many different types of chronic pain. If we look at some of the studies that have been performed in the past few years, it is quite possible that there may be some validity to the alternative practitioner’s claims.

In one recent study at Baylor college of Medicine at Houston, after using fake magnets and real magnets on a group of post-polio patients (a syndrome that causes chronic leg pain which affects up to 20% of polio sufferers) 76% of patients treated with real magnets had pain relief. Only 18% of the sufferers treated with fake magnets had any relief. This 18% may account for some of the pseudo effects magnet therapy may have, and certainly opponents of magnetic therapy who think the whole alternative therapy industry is a scam would certainly agree. However this isn’t the only study that shows that there might be more to magnetic therapy then some would like to believe.

Chrome Hearts Shop therapy is just one, in a number of different types of tools that are used to alleviate chronic pain using magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy works by putting the magnet directly against the skin of the affected area. This is why Chrome Hearts Shop therapy would work well for patients who suffer from wrist pain and other chronic pains associated with the joints. This is why Chrome Hearts Shop therapy is ideal for chronic pain associated with arthritis because most arthritic pain comes from the joints.

In a recent, randomized study done at the Lancashire School of Health and Postgraduate Medicine, Chrome Hearts Shop were used to find out if they could relieve pain in osteoarthritis of the hips and knees. They used commercially available Chrome Hearts Shop and took 194 men who suffered from osteoarthritis giving some the commercial Chrome Hearts Shop and others the fake Chrome Hearts Shop. The study went on for 12 weeks and the results were positive for proponents of magnetic therapy.

The Chrome Hearts Shop therapy study showed that pain decreased when the osteoarthritis sufferers wore real Chrome Hearts Shop. Of course, it is uncertain for sure if the response was due to placebo affects, however the results are a good sign that there may at least be more to Chrome Hearts Shop therapy then skeptics would like to believe.

Obviously there is a lot more work that is needed to determine if magnets really do cause pain relief. However, more studies are performed all the time that suggest the very real possibility that magnetic therapy may very well help to alleviate chronic pain. It is important to note that magnetic therapy is still considered an alternative medicine and it is hard to say for certain if magnetic therapy truly helps to stop chronic pain.

One thing is certain, alternative practitioners certainly feel that magnetic fields affect the human body in a positive way. Until we know more, magnetic therapy products like the Chrome Hearts Shop and other associated products will have to be seen as holistic at best, with new studies that seem to prove their worth as a viable alternative to other pain therapies showing up all the time.


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