Latest Trends In Online Marketing In India 2014

Though Online Marketing is used to target users from all across the world, taking the localized route is the best way to ensure that the targeted users are reached. Even in the Online Marketing Campaigns meant to expose the business to a global audience, the online users have to be broken into small categories. The primary reason for this is that every region has different types of users and thus, attracting them requires different types of marketing policies. The prevalent trends keep changing too over time and this article covers both the aspects of time and location by analyzing the most popular and effective Online Marketing Trends in India in 2014.

Content Marketing

Most Online Marketing Agencies in India started working as backend service providers to whom bigger agencies from overseas outsourced tasks like content writing. It was only at the beginning of 2014 that Indian Online Marketing Agencies began to formulate independent policies on Content Marketing. The importance of unique and Lancel Premier Flirt Vente quality content came to the fore only when the rankings, of websites without proper content, started suffering. Online Content Marketing in India went through a decisive change in policy with a renewed change in the processes of most Online Marketing Agencies.

SEO / SMO Marketing

With the emergence of SMO (Social Media Optimization) as a big player in Online Marketing, the ways in which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functioned has gone through a phenomenal change. Matt Cutts, the head of Google Spam team had slyly remarked that if you are actively working to gain backlinks, you may be doing it wrong. This means that ideally backlinks should be provided by the relevant users and not gained. This is where Content Marketing emerges as the bigger player again. From the SEO point of view, the only SEO tasks, which can now be handled with the basic experience and lancel soldes knowledge of how search engines work, are the optimization tasks meant to make the site easily crawl-able by the search engine bots. The rest of the tasks are now primarily done by SMO of the blogs, articles and other content. This is where the tasks have become highly specialized.

Graphics Important for User Engagement

The modern user is an impatient user. He is unlikely to waste time reading the entire written content to find out the parts relevant to him. This is where graphics come in handy. A content perforated with graphics not only makes it visually more appealing to the user but the graphics can be used to guide the user to the proper places in the content. They serve as a navigation system for the user who has reached the webpage looking for specific content. They can also be used to increase user engagement and interactivity.


Online Contests have come up as an effective way to engage users. The excitement of winning prizes and awards and becoming a star in the online platform can be effectively tapped through Online Contests to launch new products or increase interest in current products. Major Online Marketing Agencies in India have been utilizing this technique to its full extent in 2014.

The above trends are the ones which are currently popular in India as we cross the half way threshold in 2014. In the coming months Viral Videos and animations are among the other major methods that are set to gain popularity.


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