Is Online Ordination A Scam

The Universal Life Church, founded by Kirby Hensley during 1959, has been located in Modesto, California. In order for the freedom of religion to be protected, Kirby felt it has got to be asserted. From the beginning, there had been narrow-minded people who bristled at Kirby’s intention to ordain anyone who asked, without cost, with out training, or without any questions asked or cash exchanging hands.

Jealous ministers and priests of more well-known and mainstream religions (which Kirby referred to as the “Big Dog” churches) claimed that the minister must have years of seminary training as well as being approved by a committee, use specific doctrinal standards, and additional such requirements. When it had been pointed out that none of the disciples had any formal seminary training, were approved by a committee or adhered to pre-written standards, they offered no argument. Approval or traditional training matter a lot less when you acquaint yourself with the long litany of abuse committed by so many pproved?and rained?priests. Because of such obstacles, many good folks have remained away from their ministry. Many other churches still bar women from preaching, even in the 21st century!

Kirby believed that those who hear their calling, should be allowed to answer it on their own terms, so he established the Universal Life Church to make this possible. His church became known worldwide as the Universal Life Church (ULC) and exploded in popularity and membership. Today, the church is well known, and many celebrities have even proudly announced that they’re reverends of the ULC. When people mention the Universal Life Church, it the original Modesto headquarters which individuals are talking about.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, this degree of notoriety continues to attract multiple scam artists who orrow?the good name of the ULC to try and fluff up their bank account at your expense. Like the scammers who sell fake Rolex watches calling them “Romex”, these charlatans created spin-offs with similar- sounding names, some of them even using the name of the original church, but attaching other words like “network” or “monastery”. Kirby, having never envisioned such dishonesty or Lunettes Ray Ban Pas Cher the ease with which such lies would be perpetrated throughout the internet, never thought to trademark the name ‘Universal Life Church’, and even suggested to the various congregations from the church to use the name. If he known how vulnerable that would leave the ULC and how rapidly the dishonesty would continue to happen on the internet, I certain he woulde taken steps to head that off.

Recently, a few of these spin-offs have had the audacity to proclaim that not only are they connected to the ULC, but that they ARE the original or real ULC. By utilizing more than a few black-hat tricks and/or by barfing spammy posts and such all over the internet, some have managed to fool Google into giving them undeserved search engine rankings. The problem that creates is that folks believe they have been ordained by the ULC of Modesto, but who really were sucked into one of these other groups.

Making matters worse, the truth seems to have taken on a totally new meaning for these radical groups. For example, some places tell new ministers that they HAVE TO purchase credentials in order to be legally ordained. The truth is that credentials are only needed in just a few states and only if you wish to conduct a wedding. Credentials are only required for weddings an nothing else. In any case, there is certainly no requirement to purchase a bunch of things which they may not need or want.

One much-complained-about scammer pushes individuals to buy credentials and letters of good standing as requirements both to be ordained through his xclusive Christian-only?site, and because he claims it’s legally needed to perform weddings in every state. Again, some states do require such a letter, but only a very few. And for those states that do require them, the true Universal Life Church provides these letters free of charge. (For the 1 or two states that require notarization, there will be a cost for the notary, but not for the letter itself.).

Currently, the ULC has 2 fficial?websites. is the oldest active web site of the church, established during 1997. That site, known affectionately as he bookstore?provides a host of services for ministers, including a forum, support desk, ordination, directory, and bookstore. Should you wish to confess online, there is a place to do that. The head office of ULC Headquarters is still found in Modesto CA, as well as online at The ULC Seminary is another respected site and also provides various items of interest to ULC ministers, and has been affiliated with the authentic church residing in Modesto It a well-established and respected site. Both the Seminary and the Bookstore provide excellent minister support and guidance for both new and experienced ministers.

Be cautious of any othe sites. There are some other honest sites, created by ULC ministers, but any other site that claims to really BE the Universal Life Church is trying to lead you astray. If it did happen that you inadvertently went to 1 of those less reputable sites, be forgiving of yourself over it. Youe not the first they have deceived and the others make it their business to do it.

Should you want to be sure, verify the facts for yourself. Check the corporate records for any church that claims to BE the Universal Life Church. Find the state out of which the site in question operates and examine the Secretary of State records. There youl find that the real Universal Life Church was incorporated as a non-profit in Modesto, California during 1962. (While they did begin operations during 1959, Kirby didn incorporate until 1962.) Other sites, in they event they exist at all within the legal state records, will show the others only started operations only a few years ago. to be considered legally ordained, run away fast with both hands holding tight to sac lancel your pocketbook!

The Universal Life Church has opened the way for millions to become ordained and to seek out their dreams and are pleased that so many other churches have taken up the torch to assure that same freedom. Today, youl find hundreds of churches which follow the open-ordination model, and that’s a good thing. Genuine ULC Churches support the concept of doing that which is right, and will clearly and honestly state their intentions or mission as well as doing what they are able to do to distinguish themselves. But there will remain people who find it easier to simply help themselves to a well-known name, knowing that many folks will never bother to check into it –That is, until their hard-earned money is in the hands of a scam artist.

Please do your homework. You matter and your ordination matters so please find an honest ULC who offers you more than a way to spend your money.


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