Dsquared2 – The Elite Italian Chrome Hearts Eyewear Fashion House

DSquared is a top-notch fashion label, which derives its name from its creators, the Canadian twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten in 1984. Their aim was to revolutionize the men clothing range. Their creative endeavor was to design outfits for men that would Chrome Hearts Online fulfill the luxury quotient in men designer wear. Chrome Hearts Jackets The label has been instrumental in taking the men clothing range to a new level altogether.

In today fashion industry, one Chrome Hearts Sunglasses has to not only keep abreast of the latest trends and tastes but also Chrome Hearts Hat has to think a step ahead. The talented Chrome Hearts Ring duo of Dean and Dan has been right on the money in this regard as well. Their designs are a cut above the rest when it comes to uniqueness. Their personality reflects in their work. That has been the hallmark of the label, DSquared. Ever since their first collection was launched in Italy in 1994, the twin-designers have launched many successful collections of designer menswear.

Initially, the clothing designed by this duo was a touch off beat and its main emphasis was on being different. This meant that the common buyer wasn the target, only those who had a taste and sensibility for fashion would be able to appreciate and buy such designer clothing. But of late, the duo has been producing clothing Chrome Hearts Eyewear for a broader market.

There is more than a touch of Italian flavour in their range of clothing. The fabrics used for producing the designer wear and the fit of the clothing give an Italian sensibility despite the fact that the designers are Canadians. This makes Dsquared a truly international brand.


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